About Us

 Powder Perfect is an independent beauty company based in Queensland, Australia.
We specialise in small batch cosmetics with beautiful finishes.
Powder Perfect only makes vegan products and never tests on animals.

 The idea for Powder Perfect Cosmetics came about after our creator, Jacinta, had her first baby. Whilst pregnant she had researched the ingredients that are included in every day items like lipsticks, nail polish and handsoap - even baby wash. Not satisfied with the ingredients in everyday products, Jacinta started to research how to make her own more natural cosmetics.  Powder Perfect eventually launched with a handmade range of organic lipsticks & 5 free nail polish in August 2013.

Jacinta draws on inspiration from; history, literature, nature and old world glamour when designing a new Powder Perfect colour. Each Powder Perfect colour collection comes with it's own unique story. Our handcrafted & boutique range of nail lacquers will infuse your world with a little imagination, transporting you to another time and place.
Australian Website; www.powderperfect.com.au
United States Website; www.powder-perfect.com
Powder Perfect Pty. Ltd. ABN 58 608 505 684