Egyptology Series - Part III

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The wonders of ancient Egypt beckon to us over the millennia.
Are you not drawn to its shifting sands and vast structures?
Have you not dreamt of visiting its towering temples and pyramids?
Journey with us back in time to the Egypt of antiquity.


This collection features a unique hybrid formula that we call holo-twist! Enjoy a fine microglitter polish crossed with a holographic lacquer for a smooth, but sparkly finish! Each shade can be purchased individually for $13 AUD/USD or as a collection, saving 10%.


Ra was inspired by the Ancient Egyptian sun god and is a silver based holo-twist lacquer with a golden hue.


Mother Goddess is named after the goddess Isis, whose parents where the sky and the earth. This pale blue polish was inspired by tears Isis cried for her murdered husband, Osiris. In antiquity, these tears were believed to be the cause of the Nile flooding every year.


Osiris was the god of the afterlife, often portrayed as being mummified, with green skin. Inspired by the eerie green colour of his skin, our holo-twist polish is emerald green with microglitters in various shades.


Hathor is a juicy hot pink lacquer designed to represent the very feminine goddess. Hathor has small sparkling microglitters and coral flakies within a holographic base.


Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris was often drawn as a falcon, or with the head of a falcon placed on a man’s body. Horus is a dark maroon varnish with flickering red glitters and holographic particles.


Divine Pharaoh - For some time in Egypt’s history, pharaohs were considered gods in their own right. This lavish glittering silver polish has a green reflect, with metallic copper and gold glitters representing pharaoh’s and all their riches.


Heka means magic in ancient Egyptian and also refers to the god of magic. Heka is a deep purple holo-twist with purple & ultra holo glitters.


Scarab beetles were revered in ancient Egypt and were often worn as amulets or placed in tombs; engraved with verses from the Book of the Dead. Scarab is a darkened teal polish with shades of blue glitter & a holographic sparkle.


Saqqara is a large necropolis in ancient Egypt which is home to the famous Djoser pyramid, build in the step style. Archaeologists have extensively debated over the meaning behind the architectural styles of the different pyramids. Saqqara is a sunset orange polish filled with gold & silver ultra-holo glitters in a holographic base.


Weighing the Heart” refers to the ancient Egyptians’ belief that one’s heart was weighed against the feather of truth in order to gain entry to the afterlife. Weighing the Heart is a pale pink holo-twist with orange flecks and metallic holographic glitters.

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