Fatal Attraction Collection

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Fatal Attraction Collection

Handmade Range, Limited Edition

Young & Reckless - The heady romance of youth can be thrilling, reckless & intoxicating in its intensity. Oh to be forever young! Young & Reckless is a dark purple holo-twist nail varnish with silver flakies. 

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - The deep a dying breath of your relationship, keep dancing while the room burns around you. Inspired by the lyrics from John Mayer's song. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room is a vibrant orange holographic lacquer with microglitter & striking ultra-chameleon chrome flakies.

Moth To A Flame - Don't been drawn too close to the flame, lest your wings catch fire. Moth To A Flame is a sublime dusky mauve-pink nail polish with gold, holographic & iridescent glitters in a holo base.

Linger - Stay in bed a little while longer and let your gaze Linger on your lover. This dreamy dark navy teal holo has a gorgeous contrasting purple shimmer and fine microglitter

Dark Whispers - It's the voice whispering in the back of your head, tempting you to do things that are normally left unsaid. Dark Whispers is a strong charcoal holo with a subtle pink-purple shimmer. 

Bittersweet Love - A love that is beautiful & sad, parting is such sweet sorrow. Bittersweet Love captures this feeling perfectly with its delicate pink colouring & contrasting drops of teal glitter. 


Recommended application is two thin coats, followed by a top coat. For glitter-heavy polishes we recommend allowing enough time for the first coat to dry to avoid the glitter dragging off the nail.

As with all polishes I strongly recommend using a base coat & top coat to help prolong wear time and add shine!  

Powder Perfect Polish is 5 free. It contains no; formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor and tosylamide/formaldehyde resin. Please note that sometimes glitters and pigments may settle upon standing, please shake nail polish well before application. Whilst all care is taken, slight variation may occur bottle to bottle.

Photography by; Brie - @strawbrie, Tracy from www.oliviajadenails.blogspot.com & & Alicia - www.delishiousnails.com.

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